Game Development and Programming

1 Game Development Resources

One of the primary reasons for selecting the Unreal Engine for game development is the associated set of resources, guides, tutorials, videos, and content resources that are available for the engine. This includes video tutorials on almost all aspects of the engine, how to make resources for the engine, programming, and pre-made resource content (textures, materials, meshes, animations, etc.).

1.1 UE4 Video Tutorials

The UE4 Video Tutorials provide some of the simplest and reliable guides to developing new games using the Unreal Engine. The provided set of video tutorials provide extensive coverage of how to construct various types of games using different techniques.

Unreal Engine Components: To become familiar with many of the different development aspects of the Unreal Engine, there are several videos that describe the terminology of the engine and how the main components are connected. The following videos provide introductory overviews of some of the most important development topics:

Game-type Development: The following videos provide an overview of how simple games can be created using the Unreal Blueprint visual programming language (detailed overviews of these games will be provided in a later module).

These videos provide comprehensive guides on how to create functional games using the UE4 game templates provided. These provide excellent guides on how to become more familiar with the UE4 editor interface and learn about UE4 specific features such as the Unreal C++ interface and blueprints.

1.2 UE4 Answer Hub

The UE4 Answer Hub provides a stack-overflow style answer forum for any questions related to the engine, its use, bugs, and how to accomplish specific tasks. The following set of links provide the answer pages for common sections:

This is a great resource for searching for existing questions and posting your own questions for complex technical bugs or workarounds. There are an extensive number of people (including Unreal developers) that visit the answer hub so the probability of getting some response from a knowledgeable developer is high.