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Interactive Motion Control of Deformable Objects Using Localized Optimal Control

Abstract: In this paper we present a novel interactive method and interface techniques for controlling the behavior of physically-based simulation of deformable objects. The goal of our research is to provide users an ability to control the motion which appears physically correct, preserves the moving pattern of the original motion, and satisfies goals for a deformable object. In our approach, a user can select any part of the deformable structure, called control points, and can define target poses by moving control points. A user also can define target poses then our system automatically generates the motion path to achieve the target pose. With this technique patient specific organ simulation can be achieved by using a stream of image data. A series of sectional images can be the target poses. The optimal path generator computes the required control parameters that steer the intended node to the desired goal position while preserving the moving pattern of the original motion. It guarantees that the edited motion is physically conforming and natural.

Paper [PDF]

Hongjun Jeon and Min-Hyung Choi, Interactive Motion Control of Deformable Objects Using Localized Optimal Control. In Proceedings of International Conference on Robotics and Automation, April 2007