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The Computer Graphics Laboratory in the Computer Science and Engineering Department of the University of Colorado Denver is an interdisciplinary research center dedicated to the development of interactive computer graphics, physical simulation, and scientific visualization techniques under the leadership of Dr. Min Choi. Research conducted through the lab explores a diverse set of topics including physical modeling, animation, and dynamic interaction with virtual environments for medical and bioinformatics applications. Additional focused research topics include physical material property analysis (materials science), deformable object simulation, 3D object reconstruction, mobile graphics solutions, GPGPU, scientific visualization, motion capture, and game design. Additional important information about the topics examined by this lab can be found by exploring our various research pages.

Latest news


Professor Min-Hyung Choi presenting at IEEE Digital Reality Webinar

Dr. Min-Hyung Choi has been invited to present as part of the IEEE Digital Reality Webinar Series. Join him on Wednesday, August 18, 2021 at 11 a.m. (MDT) for his presentation, Learning and Training in VR: Hype and New Hope. The webinar is open to everyone. Register to attend here.


IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics: new publication

Hawkar Oagaz's new paper, Performance Improvement and Skill Transfer in Table Tennis Through Training in Virtual Reality, has been published in IEEE TVCG 2021.


IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Reality 2021 presentation

Breawn Schoun presented her most recent paper, Corner-based Square Fiducial Marker Detection for Hand-manipulated AR Objects at IEEE ICIR 2021.

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The University of Coloardo Denver is located in the heart of downtown Denver - at the hub of the city's business, recreational, and commercial districts in Colorado. The UCD Graphics Laboratory is located on the 8th floor of the Lawrence Street Center as part of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. The Center for Creative Technology is located within the Tivoli Student Union and is open to the Denver business community.

To visit the UCD Graphics laboratory or the Center for Creative Technology, consult the Parking and Transportation Services for parking options and campus map. The following information provides the location of the UCD Computer Graphics Lab and contact information for Dr. Min Choi:

Min-Hyung Choi, Ph.D Associate Professor
Director of Computer Graphics Laboratory
Visit Dr. Choi's Website
Computer Graphics Lab (8th Floor)
Computer Science and Engineering
1380 Lawrence Street
Denver, CO 80204
Lawrence Street Center