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Current Laboratory Research

This page introduces the most recent active projects within the UCD Graphics Laboratory. Dr. Min-Hyung Choi is the lab director and conducts research in laser-based mobile 3D scanning and surface reconstruction, physically-driven simulation, interactive control of deformable objects, and deformable object collision with applications in medical imaging, visual bio-informatics, and animation. The set of research fields below provides the references, resources, and project pages for all ongoing projects.

Non-contact Breathing Analysis

Non-contact breathing analysis for respiration monitoring, disease detection, and long-term sleep monitoring. In coordination with FLIR Technologies.

This research includes: Imaging and radar-based non-contact respiration monitoring for rate and tidal volume for clinical studies. [Research Page]

3D Laser-based Range-scanning and Surface Reconstruction

Laser-based 3D scanning of exterior objects using mobile long-range direct-beam time-of-flight (TOF) devices. In coordination with Laster Technologies INC.

This research includes: Range-image registration on mobile devices, Laser-based error filtering and removal, interactive painting-based alignment of high-error arbitrary point-clouds, and scanned object surface reconstruction. [Research Page]

Deformation Control in Physically-driven Simulation

Artistically driven deformation behavior control through motion optimization and metaphor-based interactive animation editing for real-time FEM-based simulations.

This research includes: High-level controls for directing the animated behaviors of simulated finite element models for animation and game design, introducing intuitive interfaces for modifying deformable object simulations. [Research Page]

Deformable Collision Detection and Response

Efficient collision handling for large-scale and complex deformable object simulations.

This research includes: Techniques in spatial partitioning and efficient algorithms for handling complex deformable collision and self collision. [Research Page]

Visual Bioinformatics

Visual representations and data management for bio-informatics and medical simulation.

This research includes: Volume preservation of simulated mass-spring volumetric models with applications in muscle simulation and virtual surgical simulation and data management and user experience for web-based bio-informatics. [Research Page]