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Min-Hyung Choi, PhD (Lab Director)

Associate Professor - Computer Science and Engineering

Research Interests: Computer Graphics, Animation, VR, and Human Computer Interaction with an emphasis on physically-based modeling and simulation for medical applications.
 e-mail: min.choi (at)

PhD Students

Shane Transue

GAANN Fellow | PhD Candidate | PhD Research Assistant

Research Interests: Physical simulation (fluid dynamics, continuum mechanics), animation (digital design, motion-capture and gait analysis), computer visions, robotics, image processing, software engineering, 3D tool design, and 3D scanning
 e-mail: shane.transue (at)

Yi Li

PhD Candidate | PhD Research Assistant

Research Interests Computer graphics, continuum mechanics, finite element analysis, animation, deformable object physical simulation, HDR imaging, and image processing.
 e-mail: (at)

Masters Students

Breawn Schoun

Masters Researcher (Thesis)

Research Interests Medical imaging, image processing, bio-informatics, computer graphics, game design/development, and robotics.
 e-mail: breawn.schoun (at)

Visiting Scholars

Soo-Kyun Kim, PhD

Visiting Professor

Research Interests
Research Interests: Image processing, mobile graphics, geometric modeling, interactive computer graphics, augmented reality, and virtual reality.
 e-mail: (at)

Mailing Address
University of Colorado Denver
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
Campus Box 109, PO Box 173364
Denver, CO 80217

Dr. Min-Hyung Choi's Office:  Lawrence St. Center LW-812
Graphics Lab:   Lawrence St. Center LW-820